This initiative starts with the idea of reformulating the function that has been given to paper toys or paper figures. Observing the antique origami technique and the kaleidocycles of M.C.Escher, and many art toys, we propose a simple form, immerse in the Golden Ratio or Sectio Aurea, that is used as a encastrable platform.

Proyecto Ensamble is the Art Toy for characterizing, snapping and creating complex forms. This 3d building block can be customized or modified artistically by designers, architects, artists, engineers, kids, etc.

When it’s made of paper, its final goal is to present different artistic points of view, also to create and show a piece of artwork which intention will depend on what each individual artwork communicate, this way, showing its compiler nature.

That’s why, Proyecto Ensamble in addition to being an Art Toy for characterizing and snapping; exhibit, snaps, create and re-create.

This unique customizable platform is an interlocking design made to interact with itself like a 3D building block. It is most commonly seen as a paper toy, though can be printed on a variety of materials for use by customizers. – Clutter Magazine Designer Toy Awards -

Next we will show some examples of how to ensemble them:

paper toys proyectoensamble ejemplos